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My name is Sylvia.

I am a qualified Midwife and a certified Active IQ Level 3 Body Control Pilates Teacher.

I have always been aware of importance of healthy lifestyle and how exercise can benefit us in every aspect of our lives. While researching training methods suitable for me (I am not a gym person) I came across Pilates. I immediately recognised it as an activity that I truly enjoy, that benefits both my body and mind, and is safe and comfortable way of exercising. I practiced Pilates as my hobby for many years and over time it become part of my busy life, and helped me  grow stronger, more flexible and understand my own body better.


Then, I decided I would like to be able to share my knowledge and passion of Pilates with others, and so I qualified as Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates - one of the world’s most recognised and respected Pilates organisations.

As part of my professional development, I have qualified to teach beginner and intermediate reformer with The Lisa Bradshow Pilates Teaching Academy.


To further my knowledge and expertise, I have completed the following courses and workshops:

  • Pilates with the band - BCP

  • Matwork evolution - BCP

  • The Cervical Spine for Contrologists with Cameron Angus


I currently work towards:

  • Pilates for bone health

  • Pilates in pregnancy – Ante & Postnatal

My classes are small and challenging, but fun. I have a keen eye for details, to make sure your posture and alignment is correct throughout the class. My teaching style is person-centred, non-judgemental and adaptive, based on each student’s needs and abilities. I pride myself in quality of teaching, and I work in accordance with the code of practice of the Body Control Pilates Association.


I am an active member of the Body Control Pilates Association and a member of the Society for the Pilates Method. I am fully insured and hold First Aid Certificate.

Concentrate on the correct movements each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits of their value

J. Pilates

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